ENVy Computer Compare is now 100% FREE!

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Sales goals have been met!  We are now giving ENVy Computer Compare away free with unlimited license.


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Download ENVy Computer Compare v2.0.7 for FREE!

  • .  Now includes file system and registry comparison plus thousands of new items and properties.
  • .  In addition to the msi install package, a standalone binary that doesn't require installation is provided as well for easy transport using a USB memory stick or other media.
  • .  Lifetime updates and support.
  • .  Lifetime unlimited license--you only have to buy it once.
  • .  Save precious time, money, and headache--get to the bottom of the problem faster.
  • .  ENVy Computer Compare does in 15 seconds what would take someone days to do "by hand".
  • .  Also includes the ENVy Class Viewer, a Win32 Class viewer for querying the WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) for hundreds of classes that contain the lowest-level information available about your operating system, machine, and everything in-between.
  • .  Has also been reported to aid in the prevention of "road-rage".



.  XP/Server/Vista/7/8


QHow is data collected from "the other machine"?

A.  ENVy Computer Compare must be run manually on the other machine where the information can be exported to an ENVy XML Data File.  This file can then be copied to another machine where ENVy is running and imported.

QWhy doesn't ENVy Computer Compare grab information remotely over a network?

A.  It was found that even with the right permissions and administrator password, to get the WMI and Remote Registry services working over a network was impractical and far exceeded the value of using ENVy as a tool for helping you save time.  It is simply faster and less painful to manually export and copy a data file from the remote machine.  

QDo you welcome suggestions for new or modified functionality?

A.  Yes.  Please let us know what we can do to make the product.better.

Q.  What's up with the unusual vertical comparison?

A.  It might take a little getting used to, but by displaying the differences vertically and adjacent to one another, your eyes never have to track repeatedly from left to right just to compare a single item.  The colors also allow you identify the relevant machine without your eyes having to leave that one small area.  These are additional ways that ENVy Computer Compare tries to save you time.